Multichannel video discovery recommendation technology provider Castaclip has launched what it calls a new online video destination that makes viewing a truly personal experience.

The new is said to be able to allow producers and owners of short-form videos brands to distribute and monetise content on a platform that delivers an engaging and rewarding experience for viewers. The product uses patent-pending technology to "individualise" the experience for its viewers by understanding what they like to watch and delivering a stream of relevant and interesting videos from professional content owners.

Explaining the rationale for concentrating in this area, Castaclip asserts that video discovery is emerging as the next huge wave of consumer engagement, and technology leaders with valid business models for content owners are starting to emerge. It notes that 144,000 hours of new videos are uploaded every day on YouTube alone, making it impossible for users to consistently find great content. Therefore, the company concludes, understanding viewers' interests and intents, and then recommending and serving relevant, personalised content is the key to maximising engagement and monetising content. is attributed with addressing directly this opportunity with the industry's first "full-stack" online video platform representing no less than a 'transformation' of the online video experience.

"We think today's online video experience is terribly frustrating. It's cluttered, distracting and ultimately not rewarding because automated viewing suggestions at the top video destinations are not based on the viewer's personal tastes," explained Castaclip founder and CEO Ekow Yankah. "What offers is the first truly TV-like experience, where the viewer can just kick back and enjoy a non-stop stream of interesting, entertaining and highly relevant content. You have just two buttons on your remote control: love and skip. The more you use it, the more it learns about what you like, and the better it gets."

For its preview launch, will offer video from more than 50 content producers that include FashionTV, E!Entertainment and SNTV across categories such as food, beauty, fashion, style and celebrities.