In a trial that its R&D controller claims may be a watershed moment in the history of broadcasting, the BBC is to transmit certain elements of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games live in UltraHD.The special R&D production will be shown live in the Glasgow Science Centre for the duration of the Games and will form part of the BBC's on-going experiments with the new technology with which it says it will explore and help define the future of television.

In what it calls another broadcasting first, the BBC claims that its UltraHD trial will be the first major live event to be produced and distributed entirely over an IP network, representing a major milestone as broadcast and IT technologies converge. With IP technologies, the BBC says that more production data and metadata can be sent alongside video and audio feeds with new forms of content taking advantage of this information to provide richer, more interactive and more personal ways of telling stories to audiences.

"We may well look back at this trial as a watershed moment in the history of broadcasting," said BBC R&D controller Matthew Postgate. "By proving for the first time that complex events can be created and delivered completely over IP technology, we're opening up a world of possibilities to programme makers and the wider industry. Not only could BBC R&D's vision for a new broadcasting system help producers create programmes more efficiently and cost-effectively, but it allows them to take advantage of data like never before, offering new editorial options and ways of improving the experience for audiences."