Video-on-demand and download-to-own provider is celebrating beating the likes of Telstra, Foxtel and Quickflix to offer streaming services compatible with the Google Chromecast device.

Outlining the importance of the move, Craig White, CEO and co-founder of Access Digital Entertainment, the company behind, said that Chromecast which will now have access to the online video service's library of over 1500 movies and television episodes, including all the latest releases from major Hollywood studios will change the way Australians watch online video content.

"Chromecast is a game changer for the consumer because it delivers convenience, content availability and value. in partnership with Chromecast unequivocally offers the best value way Australians can watch new release movies on their home screens," White said. "There are almost five million homes without pay-TV but nearly 90% have Internet access, and before now, they haven't had easy access to video-on-demand on the big screen at home. We provide a real choice."

Even though the device has been available in Australia for only just over two weeks, White added that has been gearing up for its entry for some time and that the year-old company was excited about the potential to make further inroads into capturing entertainment fans who had sidestepped subscription services and television.'s Chromecast-compatible apps already support Android (including Samsung Galaxy) smartphones and tablets, Apple iPhone and iPad devices as well as PC and Macs.