Polish public broadcaster TVP’s coverage of the World Cup is enjoying record viewing figures online and on mobile devices.

According to TVP, the group stage of the competition saw 3.5 million on its site and dedicated mobile app TVP Stream, while video material generated almost 9 million views in total.

This was 60% more than for the Sochi Winter Olympics earlier this year and 90% more than for Euro 2012.

TVP is the official holder of the online rights for the World Cup and has also noted record on demand views of the tournament through its SPORT.TVP.PL site.

Meanwhile, its mobile offer, accessible through the three main operating systems, gives viewers access to all coverage, match highlights and goals.

TVP secured mobile rights to the World Cup from FIFA and has partnered with T-Mobile Polska to offer its subscribers matches in HD.

Owners of mobile devices who are customers of other networks are offered retransmissions of matches.