HITS Hinduja set for service by 2015
The US$100 million headend in the sky (HITS) Hinduja project is to begin roll out in India, following its licence fee payment to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on 30 June.

Grant Investrade, the Hinuja Ventures subsidiary leading the project, is now awaiting a letter of intent from the ministry before it deposits INR400 million as a bank guarantee, and signs agreements with its satellite provider, group CEO Tony D'Silva told Indiantelevision.com.

The new HITS project is set to be "up and running in the next six months," he said.

The company hopes to capture 15-20% of the 120 million households in the third and fourth phases of cable TV digitisation in India. It will work on the ground with the group's IndusIn Media and Communications Limited (IMCL) multi-system operator, which will increase its TV channel offering from 350 to 500.

Once operational, HITS Hinduja will join the existing Indian HITS platform JAINHITS, run by JAIN TV.