Ay Yapım, ATV tap Tagvance, Civolution for Turkey's first second-screen series app
Content producer AY Yapım and broadcaster ATV have launched what is claimed to be the first cross-TV-channel, cross-screen app for mobile devices in Turkey.

The app — created by management and monetisation technology provider Civolution and second-screen project house Tagvance — is designed to allow users to enjoy real-time synchronised interaction with the popular TV series KaraParaAşk.

It will see use just in time for the finale of the series for users of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones who will be able to engage with the show by discovering more content as well as playing synchronised quizzes, participating in polls and gaining points. They will also be able to access special videos produced by Samsung Galaxy S5.

The whole campaign is being led by LiquidThread Turkey, the content division of Starcom MediaVest Group on behalf of Samsung Turkey, partnering with content producer Ay Yapım and broadcaster ATV.

"We not only delivered a unique second-screen experience for viewers of Kara Para Aşk, but also started a new innovative era full of opportunities provided by synchronised apps for companies and TV channels in Turkey," explained Tagvance CEO Can Kiral. "Through our collaboration with Civolution, LiquidThread, Starcom and Samsung Electronics Turkey, we have developed a perfectly synchronised application that enables product placement and call-to-action activities at precisely the right time."

"The Turkish audience is hungry for local TV content across multiple screens and we've spotted a window of opportunity with Civolution's [SyncNow automatic content recognition] automatic technology'', added Ferda Tarakçıoğlu Erdem, VP of LiquidThread Turkey. ''We created a ground-breaking technology partnership in Turkey, enhanced with a real-time second screen experience which is designed to 'extend the story' with the Samsung Galaxy S5 experience. We've devised a brand strategy that is shaped around the consumers' passion for content, and fuels deeper, more immersive one-on-one relationships that generate an emotional bond between brands and consumers."