The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC), the expert group within CEPT responsible for harmonising the efficient use of the radio spectrum across Europe, has published its draft report on a long-term vision for the UHF broadcasting band in Europe for public consultation.

The draft teport draws on a wide range of expertise from administrations and industry to set out and examine the technical state-of-the-art and the trend of future developments in mobile broadband and broadcasting. This analysis is set against the background of developing consumer behaviour and is used to hypothesize possible scenarios for the future development of the UHF band.

The technical studies contained in the report focus on a set of possible scenarios for the development of the 470694 MHz band in the long term, recognising the ongoing work in the 700 MHz band in Europe, and related short to medium term developments. It also takes a detailed look at trends in the evolution of services (broadcast, mobile and converged services to consumers), as well as the networks and technologies with the potential to deliver them.

The Report is being developed in response to the changing nature and increasing overlap of broadcasting and broadband communications services, including the implementation of mobile services in the 800 MHz band, discussions underway on the 700 MHz band, and the continuing interest globally in exploiting the UHF band (470-790 MHz) for digital terrestrial television (DTT), wireless broadband (WBB) and other services.

The purpose of the report is to take a necessary step to providing clarity and certainty to all stakeholders on the long-term evolution of the band in order to provide a stable environment for future investment by the services envisaged in the band, including Programme Making and Special Events.

The ECC is now seeking views from Administrations, industry and other stakeholders on the studies, assumptions and scenarios contained in the draft Report which is available for download here. The deadline for responses is September 9, 2014.

The ECC expects to complete the report by the end of the year, following its analysis of responses to the public consultation and a further review.