Personal enters pay-TV market in Paraguay
Paraguay's mobile operator Personal has decided to enter the pay-TV market by launching a direct-to-home (DTH) platform.

The service will be available as a subscription but also as a pre-paid offer with daily, weekly and monthly packages.

For the moment there are two packages, one basic with 101 channels including ten HD channels, and one premium with 108 and 12 HD channels. In addition, every subscription allows up to three set-top boxes (STBs) to be connected to the service and a cloud recording option for some of the channels and programmes.

For Personal TV's pre-paid option, an STB and an aerial need to be initially purchased for around $80. The different pre-paid packages cost from $1 for one day to $22 for a whole month, the same price as the basic subscription.

The platform is available throughout the whole territory, including the most remote areas. Satellite technology is becoming a strong ally for pay-TV operators in Latin America, and is being used for an increasing number of platforms to avoid geographical barriers.