The French chain of super and hypermarkets E. Leclerc has launched a OTT service called Mini-box Réglo TV offering up to 66 TV channels.

The new service offers a basic package (bouquet initial) with all terrestrial channels plus 16 additional ones for a monthly fee of EUR4.99. An extended tier (bouquet optimal) offers an additional 16 channels for EUR 12.99.

The hybrid Mini-box also offers the 25 free-to-air DTT channels, and there is an option to access the remaining encrypted premium channels with prepaid cards.

Régio TV also included a VOD service, with 200 new titles added every month, a catch-up service, while the box will also give access to locally stored material including video, photos and music.

The on-demand section offers VOD FilmoTV, Réglo TV Vidéoclub and Disneytek.

The OTT box can be installed anywhere in France with a minimum broadband speed of 2 Mbps. The service is using the Netgear STB1100 box and is using the infrastructure of OTT platform Tevolution.