Barcelona Media research why viewers get bored
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02 July 2014
There are physiological signs that indicate when a TV viewer gets bored, and the Barcelona Media technological centre is looking to find the perfect formula to keep an audience's attention.

The researchers are analysing brain waves to determine whether a viewer likes or dislikes what's being watched. "High levels of alpha waves are associated with boring content because there is a direct relation between these waves and the attention paid," Alexandre Pereda, one of the researchers at Barcelona Media, told EFE news agency.

Once the research is finished, the results could be used during content production in order to modify and adapt programmes to the audience's cerebral responses.

The team is also analysing other psycho-physiological aspects, such as heartbeat (a higher pace means more excitement), the skin's electrical conductivity and the facial expressions.

"Understanding what is motivating the audience to consume certain content and the effects of the current audiovisual offer on people is essential to understand better the relation between users and technology," added Pereda. "The audiovisual industry is always investigating to understand the viewers' feelings and perceptions in order to offer a better experience."