Guizhou IPTV launches with Thomson Video Networks transcoder
Rebecca Hawkes
China's Guizhou Province TV has deployed a video and transcoding platform from Thomson Video Networks' for the launch of its latest service, Guizhou IPTV.

Thomson's ViBE VS7000 platform has been installed at the network's operations centre in Guiyang City, alongside a number of existing compression systems from the company. It is currently delivering 17 high definition (HD) channels and 35 standard definition channels via IPTV.

"The ViBE VS7000 is an ideal choice for Guizhou Province TV because it provides all of the transcoding capabilities needed to offer the highest quality HD and SD IPTV services today, with the ability to expand its functionality into the future to support emerging standards such as ultra high definition TV," said Tony Berthaud, vice president, Asia-Pacific sales, Thomson Video Networks.

Huang Xuejun, division manager of Guizhou IPTV, added: "In addition to compact size and efficient operation, the ViBE VS7000 provides outstanding picture quality and the scalability we need as we continue to expand our services."