Agilent updates DOCSIS-ready waveform creator
Michelle Clancy | 03 July 2014
Agilent Technologies has announced new capabilities for engineers working on the development of the next generation of DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems.

Release 2.0 of the company's Waveform Creator software provides new waveform segment types that are combined into multiple tracks and can be aggregated into one composite waveform. The software enables R&D and manufacturing test engineers to build or import a variety of signals; mix them together; and add IQ impairments and noise to simulate real-world environments. The complex composite waveforms are easily created using the software's intuitive drag-and-drop interface - very similar to today's popular audio and video editing tools.

Engineers can use the resulting waveforms with a wide variety of Agilent vector signal and arbitrary waveform generators, including the M9381A PXIe VSG. The Waveform Creator 2.0 software release also supports the M8190A, M9330A/M9331A and 81180A/81180B arbitrary waveform generators. The software will support additional waveform types and instruments in the future.