Group of death produces live online video sporting record
Editor | 03 July 2014
Internet traffic figures released by content delivery network (CDN) provider Akamai has shown that the so-called group of death in the World Cup had most life when it came to online video streaming.

The data from the Akamai Intelligent platform showed that the highest average peak traffic hit during the Germany, USA and Ghana, Portugal matches when it reached 6.8Tbps, a record for a sporting event. The six games across the group averaged peak traffic of 4.3Tbps, significantly ahead of the other seven groups. Next most popular was group D containing Costa Rica, England, Italy and Uruguay which generated 3.6Tbps, and group B Australia, Chile, the Netherlands and Spain on 3.3Tbps.

Akamai also revealed that the first group stage of matches also showed that online viewing was higher weekdays as opposed to weekends, with Mondays showing the highest average peak traffic (3.7Tbps). Germany and Portugal were the most popular teams, both generating 4.9Tbps of traffic during the team's group games. This compared with the least popular teams Japan, South Korea and Greece with around 1.8Tbps of traffic.