Poland’s second largest cable operator Vectra is seeking to buy a stake in Netia, the country’s leading alternative telco.

Quoted by Wirtuane Media, Vectra’s president Tomasz Zuranski said it would regard such a move as a financial investment.

He added that there are not many potential acquisitions available in the market and Vectra has decided to make its intentions known about Netia despite the latter’s deteriorating financial performance over the last couple of years.

Zuranski also conceded that Netia would be a risky investment alongside Vectra’s core business, in which it has a clear development strategy and planned investments over the next few years.

However, acquiring a 33% stake would allow it to continue with its own strategy.

Interestingly, Zuranski also said he saw no synergies between Vectra and Netia.

Both are quad play companies, with the former claiming 909,000 subscribers at the end of Q1 and the latter, already an IPTV operator, having also recently entered the cable market through the acquisition of Aster networks sold on by UPC Polska.