TV subs, online access drive Thai media surge
Rebecca Hawkes
Thailand's entertainment and media spend is predicted to rise by 33% to US$3.3 billion a year by 2018, thanks to a growing demand for online advertising, TV subscriptions and Internet access, says PwC.

"This growth is largely being driven by the Internet and by our love of new technology, specifically mobile technology and applications powered by analytics and the cloud," Vilaiporn Taweelappontong, a partner for PwC Consulting (Thailand), told the Bangkok Post.

Pay-TV subscriptions are also on the increase, despite high levels of piracy, low disposable income and competition from free-to-air satellite platforms, says PwC.

The researchers say the increase in low-cost services to compete with pirated content will lead to a rise in cable penetration, with 4.8 million subscribers predicted by the end of 2018 up from 2.2 million in 2013.

"The growth of cable is expected to drive the pay-TV market overall. By the end of 2018, there will be 6.8 million pay-TV subscribers in Thailand, representing 38.7% of TV households and generating revenue of $1.28 billion," said Ms Vilaiporn.