Telesur Internacional taps VSN for VOD news platform
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04 July 2014
Venezuela's Telesur Internacional has purchased a package from Spain's VSN to integrate into its news platform to add streaming, video-on-demand (VOD) and social networking interaction.

Telesur's project is based on VSNExplorer for content management and the platform VSNSpider for automating work flows. Both are specially designed to integrate VOD and streaming in a fluid and fast system.

The solution is to be integrated into Telesur's former platform iNews, which has licences for 15 journalists, five Avid News Cutter editors and a central storage unit of 48Tb.

VSN also included an automated process of content digitalisation based on VSNAutorec Director, controlling the servers of two channels each recording with OPAtom format. This helps to integrate content directly with the NewsCutter editors, allowing a native Avid edition. 12 additional channels for other news networks based in VSNBroadrec servers are also included in the solution.

As Telesur has correspondents all around the world, VSN designed an IP distribution system with 15 mobile licences which can be used from every part of the world with an Internet connection.

"VSN has worked with open systems from the beginning, which is why we now have the know-how to guarantee the integration of different platforms," said Mario Díaz, sales manager for LATAM at VSN. "In this particular case we have worked with Avid, which we are fully compatible with."

Eduardo Moreno, Telesur's consultant for the project, explained that promptness and facility were key when it came to choosing the company for the project, in addition to the preference for the technological architecture chosen by VSN.