Dutch incumbent KPN and cabler Delta are rolling out Wi-Fi Spots for their customers.

KPN is rolling out the Wi-Fi Spots nationwide in cooperation with FON. The operator will be offering all its broadband band mobile customers free access on these hot spots, not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally.

Delta is also rolling out hot spots following the lead of UPC and Ziggo. For the moment , the cabler which is active in the province of Zeeland, is testing the service in the city of Terneuzen, but plans to roll out across its footprint.

KPN said there should be around 250,000 hit spots available by September and eventually around one million spots should be available. Worldwide, there are some 13 million FON hot spots.

The agreement with FON was signed some time ago, but KPN has only now started to implement the service.

KPN’s hot spots will be available nationwide, in contrast to the services offered by UPC and Ziggo, who are until now only offered in their respective footprints. Of course, when the merger between the two operators is finalized, the service will have almost nationwide coverage.

However, thanks to the international cooperation with FON, KPN customers will be able to take advantage of hot spots worldwide.