Hispasat taps SSL to build 1F satellite

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 08 July 2014

Hispasat will once again contract Space Systems/Loral (SSL) to build its new satellite, the 1F, which will replace the 1D to cover the Andean and Brazilian region with Ku band.

This will be the third satellite built by the American company for the Spanish operator.

In addition to reinforcing Latin American Ku coverage, the 1F, placed 30 West, will improve the company's trans-Atlantic communication capacity.

The 1F is designed to be operative for 15 years and will be built by SSL's satellite platform 1300. The satellite will be equipped with 48 Ku band transponders, six beams on Ka band, one on C and one more on Ka BBS.

"Hispasat trusts SSL again due to its reliability," said Carlos Espinos, Hispasat's CEO. "The 1300 platform is the most suitable to build the Hispasat 1F and we are also proud to say that SSL uses many Spanish components in its satellites."

"It's the third satellite we will build for them and they are very welcome to our facilities," added John Celli, president at SSL. "Our companies share a way of looking into quality and reliability, and we are working together to build an excellent satellite."