UPC Hungary and the regulator NMHH have reached an agreement on the issue of renewed subscription contracts.

In a joint statement, the two parties say that the protection of subscribers’ interests is at the heart of the agreement.

Referring to a bid submitted by UPC Hungary in November 2012 to renew contracts, they add that existing contracts will remain in place.

However, amendments to bilateral agreements can be adopted if subscribers accept them. This would see subscribers adopt a pro-active approach.

The agreement follows the NMHH’s decision to impose a fine on UPC Hungary after the operator had decided to change the terms of subscribers’ existing contracts.

This, according to the regulator, ran counter to the Electronic Communications Act.

Although a court subsequently ruled in NMHH’s favour, it also said that the regulator could not order a change in the content of subscriber contracts.

The court therefore ordered the two parties to conduct a new procedure.