Digital UK has confirmed plans to change the number sequence on the UK DTT platform adding an additional 100 channel numbers (LCNs) for IP-delivered services.

The move, which will see the starting point for IP channels move from 400 to 300, will affect the BBC, YouView and its content providers BT and TalkTalk.

At the same time the Interactive services genre will move from LCN 300 to LCN 600.

Broadcasters were generally supportive of the move, Channel 4 noted that increasing the range of LCNs for IP channels is an enabler for the development and continued evolution of a hybrid DTT-IP platform.

However, Channel 5 cautioned that any changes now should be done without prejudice to future changes given the likely growth of linear broadcast channels over time due to increased capacity and improvements in compression technology.

Nimux, which operates multiplexes in Northern Ireland, said it did not agree with the expansion of the genre given the limited number of LCNs available to DTT and the current requirement to simulcast SD and HD versions of the same channel which uses two LCNs.

Discussions will now take place with broadcasters and multiplex operators to decide the timetable for the changes.