Mobile advertising set to almost double in four years
Michelle Clancy
Advertising via alternative, digital outlets is booming: revenue from mobile media and advertising will pass $90 billion in 2018, up from $53 billion in 2014, according to IHS.

The research firm forecasts that mobile advertising will become the leading mobile business model, overtaking paid content revenues in 2015.

It also said that Amazon has the most highly monetised user base, generating over $350 revenue per year from each of its active customers. However, with more than 30 times higher profit per-user, Apple dwarfs all others in the mobile industry.

The report also found that Japan is the most successful mobile content market, with average mobile content revenues of $40 per subscriber in 2013 compared with $21 in South Korea, $15 in the US and $12 in the UK. In general, Asia leads for content, commerce, and communications innovation, and the next battleground will be in enabling other forms of mobile commerce in the country.

Wearable devices are a new focus for mobile app developers, with health and fitness and notification services attracting most interest so far. As such, wearables will play a key role in mobile advertising; but will be best used to collected data rather than as new screen on which to display ads.