Accedian taps to assure World Cup network performance between stadiums in Brazil
Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
Performance assurance specialist Accedian Networks' professional services group engineers, supported by local partner HTCOM, have been tasked with monitoring the performance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup network, which connects 12 stadiums, airports, press centres and other key venues, providing global access through transmission hubs in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Accedian will ensure that the network, which is Brazil's largest and which carries mobile, data and broadcast-media, delivers quality of service (QoS) throughout the event. To ensure peak network performance from the start, each link was verified before the games began using Accedian solutions' service activation test functionality.

The same Accedian platform now concurrently monitors the performance of each service sharing inter-site connections. Ultra-precise, continuous measurements immediately detect even slight performance variations affecting 3G and LTE mobile, broadcast, Internet and data traffic, the company said.

"Our team understands the impact high density network use can have on service quality, and deployed our solutions nationwide to establish complete QoS visibility across all sites," said Patrick Ostiguy, president and CEO of Accedian Networks, "Whether you are here sharing videos of great moments from your smart phone, or watching live from across the globe, our team is committed to connecting you to the action over the most reliable network in Brazil."