FilmOn to project Voice of America
In what is being described as an historic deal, the Alki David-owned FilmOn online TV service is to televise content from Voice of America (VOA), the largest international broadcaster of the US Government.

Voice of America was founded in 1942 and produces 1,800 hours of programming every week in 46 languages. It is traditionally broadcast via a network of transmitting stations operated by the International Broadcasting Bureau as well as local affiliates and attracts a weekly audience of 164 million people outside of the USA.

Under the new arrangement, FilmOn will broadcast a channel exclusively dedicated to VOA's English-language programming, plus an additional channel, VOA Persian News Network. will also become the first global IPTV provider to carry VOA English language news and features content, which will be available by PCs, tablet and smartphone.

"This is an exciting partnership that will make available some of the most socially and politically important content that America has to offer the world," said David. "FilmOn is extremely proud to be chosen work with the federal government in this way to provide our viewers with an unrivalled service on a global basis. Leading broadcasters are choosing to work with FilmOn in order to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that are created by sharing in our global audiences via digital platforms."

The VOA agreement comes during a period of significant growth for that is working to a strategy of opening up local TV to global audiences. Its agreement with VOA follows other recent agreements with other public broadcasters such as euronews, ABC in Australia, Deutsche Welle in Germany, TVE in Spain and France 24. also now has partnerships with a number of leading advertising networks.