Agama Technologies has extended its DTV Monitoring Solution deployment with BSkyB to also cover its over-the-top (OTT) service playout.

The extension covers both the Sky Go multiscreen platform offered to regular subscribers and the standalone OTT product Sky Go.

Vlad Korotkov, senior design engineer Emerging Technologies at Sky, says: “The Agama solution provides crucial insights to improve and ensure our OTT service delivery platform, which supports us in delivering a high-quality experience and service to our customers.”

Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies, added: “This deal is an excellent example of how Agama, with a true multiscreen and multiservice capable video quality assurance solution, creates world-class transparency for the new generation of adaptive streaming services, as well as for more traditional delivery mechanisms.”

Sky’s selected solution has its core in the Agama Analyzer OTT Edge and Agama Enterprise Server EX products. The Analyzer OTT Edge is a versatile ABR streaming quality assurance probe for fully automated QoE and QoS monitoring and testing of OTT audio and video services, offering market leading capacity with in-depth analysis of hundreds of concurrent streams. The Enterprise Server EX integrates monitoring information from the Analyzers and correlates, refines and presents it in top-level views that give an unprecedented understanding of when and where quality problems occur, where they begin and whom they affect. It also provides the foundation for sophisticated reporting and advanced analytics.