Level 3 launches global delivery solution
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09 July 2014
Level 3 Communications has launched its Channel Origination solution for broadcasters, which leverages Vyvx broadcast technology and allows broadcasters to create linear channels for secure distribution to cable headends, multiple-system operators (MSO) and satellite TV providers.

As the globalisation of content creates the need to explore more efficient ways to deliver content, Level 3's solution aims to offer to broadcasters a one-stop-shop for playout: content owners provide their channel playlist and digital video files, and Level 3 formats and stores those files until they're ready for distribution over satellite or via fibre.

"Content providers increasingly want to spend more of their time developing compelling content and less time overseeing the complex processes required to deliver that content to their end users," said Anthony Christie, chief marketing officer at Level 3. "Through Level 3's global fibre-based video distribution network, which enables us to securely and reliably deliver content anywhere in the world, our customers can increase their points of distribution, enabling them to scale more efficiently and focus on the growth of their business."

"The ability to deliver content point-to-point and point-to-multipoint rapidly and cost-effectively is key for media companies to compete and keep pace with today's content consumption trends," said Mukul Krishna, global director of digital media at Frost & Sullivan. "No matter how great the content is, if it isn't delivered to the right device at the right time in the right format, its value depreciates fast. With multiple screens and massively increasing digital content libraries, the ability to leverage a pervasive content staging, transformation and distribution network therefore becomes business critical."

Channel Origination also serves as an entry point to Level 3 Video Cloud's distribution service. The Level 3 Video Cloud is a full suite of IP-based video services designed to support content delivery from signal acquisition to delivery to viewers.