AMC Networks re-brands Chellomedia
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09 July 2014
After purchasing Chellomedia, AMC Networks is to re-brand the Spanish company to AMC Networks International-Iberia.

In addition to Chellomedia's acquisition earlier this year, AMC Networks International will also encompass AMC/Sundance Channel Global, which operates in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

"Re-naming Chellomedia is a natural next step as we continue to integrate this portfolio of channels and transition AMC Networks into a global media company," said Ed Carroll, AMC Networks COO.

After re-branding Chellomedia, AMC Networks International will consist of six operating units.

AMC Networks International-Iberia is overseen by Eduardo Zulueta and represents channels such as Canal Hollywood (Spain and Portugal), XTRM, CTK, MGM Channel, Canal Cocina, Canal Decasa, Sol Música and Canal Panda (Spain and Portugal). Zulueta also heads the Latin American subsidiary, representing among other channels MGM Channel, MGM Channel HD, Film & Arts, Europa Europa and Cosmopolitan TV.

AMC Networks International-Asia-Pacific is headed by Bruce Tuchman and includes channels as Sundance Channel, MGM Channel, WE tv and JimJam. In addition, Tuchman will continue to serve as president for AMC/Sundance Channel and MGM Channel Global.

AMC Networks International-Central Europe is headed by Mike Moriarty and its portfolio includes Sport 1, Sport 2, Sport M, OBN, Minimax and Megamax, among other networks.

Dermot Shortt is heading the EMEA division - including CBS Reality, CBS Drama, CBS Action, CBS Europa, Horror Channel and Extreme Sports Channel - and again Moriarty will be director of the DMC division, a Europe-based global media technology and distribution company.