Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), the Bavarian affiliate of German public broadcaster ARD, and German broadcast technology institute Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) want to set up a test transmitter network in the new digital terrestrial transmission standard DVB-T2 with compression system MPEG-H Part 2 HEVC (H.265) in Munich enabling manufacturers to test the required new reception devices.

The foundation will be the DVB-T2 trial which has been in operation in Munich since 2010 and which will now be expanded by tests with HEVC. Portable and mobile reception devices will also be tested.

With the initiative, BR and IRT want to propose the reception and automobile industry a test ground for configurable data streams and parameter settings as well as expertise for device optimisation. The same applies to the manufacturers of codecs, multiplexers and modulators on the transmitter side.

The DVB-T2 test transmitter network will be operated as a single frequency network (SFN) on channel 43 (650 MHz). The transmitter sites will be the broadcast house in Munich and the sites in Freimann and Ismaning. Hardware and automobile manufacturers interested in the trial are invited to contact IRT.

Transmitter network operator Media Broadcast wants to commence the regular DVB-T2 transmissions in metropolitan areas in mid-2016. The transition from the currently used DVB-T system to the successor DVB-T2 is scheduled to be completed in mid-2019.