World Cup delivers Telecinco 70% share
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 10 July 2014
Spain's free-to-air (FTA) audience is hooked on the World Cup, leading to success for Mediaset's Telecinco which grazed a 70% share and ten million viewers during the Netherlands vs. Argentina match.

Delivering good results for Telecinco since it kicked off, the football tournament in Brazil is becoming even more popular in its final stages. The historical 7-1 win for Germany over Brazil received on average a 49.2% share and nearly nine million viewers. The audience was even higher during the second semi-final, scoring a 48.2% share during the match, but rising to 68.1% and 9.8 million viewers during the penalties.

Telecinco is getting ready for the tournament's finale, broadcasting the match for third place on Saturday (12 July) and the final on Sunday (13 July).

During the four-week event, the FTA network had no rival in the Spanish schedule. The World Cup enabled Telecinco to top June's audience rankings, with a 15.9% average share, beating Antena 3 for the second year running (+2.8%). Regarding prime time, during which many of the matches have been broadcast, Mediaset's main channel reached a 19.1% average share, 6.7% more than Antena 3.

The World Cup has also been useful for Cuatro, Mediaset's second channel which had been losing viewers during the last year. In June, it was placed over laSexta as the country's fourth most watched channel, with a 7.7% share.

Last month, the Mediaset group also managed to keep up in the social networks, with its channels gathering almost six million comments, with 74.3% of all TV-related comments. Again Telecinco and the World Cup have been responsible for this success, gathering 4.5 million comments.