Yahoo! swoops for RayV online video platform
Joseph O'Halloran | 13 July 2014
Building on the momentum that it has generated on the online video space, Yahoo! has bought online video streaming platform provider RayV.

The move will give Yahoo! a boost as it expands video services given that the modus operandi of RayV is to offer high-definition streaming at high-quality, buffering-free. RayV's cloud TV technology delivers live TV and VOD content to PCs and Macs, connected TVs and iOS/Android smartphones, tablets. The platform's encoding technology enables an entire video content load to be delivered without downloading where users stream content regardless of connection speed and anyone connected receives the entire video thus says the company eliminating buffering time. By using inactive users as 'amplifiers'—contributing a small portion of their bandwidth without actually receiving video—RayV claims that its platform addresses the problem of the DSL networks limited uploading speed.

RayV will now form part of Yahoo's Cloud Platforms and Services team. Commenting on what the acquisition would mean, VP of cloud platforms and services PPS Narayan said: "Watching mobile and online video has gone from being a novelty to a daily habit for millions of users. Yahoo is focused on growing video users and monthly streams, and while we're only getting started, we're very focused on this in 2014. This deal demonstrates our dedication to accelerating our video strategy and boosting our underlying technology infrastructure in the space. At Yahoo, we are focused on building a video offering that delivers best-in-class quality and content, and can be streamed on-demand and live, on all platforms. The RayV team shares our passion for innovation and commitment to build a video infrastructure to deliver the ultimate video experience to our users."

In accompany statement on its website,, RayV added: "We believe Yahoo will be a perfect fit for our people and capabilities, as video and mobile offerings are a central part of Yahoo's vision...During our journey, we have shaped and then crystallised our streaming paradigm and invented the algorithms to support it. We have built a full end-to-end solution that enables improved high quality streaming for our online and mobile video content partners, delivering a robust video experience to our customers. Most importantly, we have had the privilege to stream video to viewers daily while broadcasting hundreds of live channels created by some of the world's largest content owners."