ETB's FTTH reaches half a million homes in Colombia
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13 July 2014
While ETV's IPTV service is taking its first steps into Colombia's pay-TV market, the telco´s fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network keeps growing, reaching nearly half a million homes last month.

Although the new services show low figures so far, with 5,000 customers paying for telecom services through fibre and only 500 subscribing to IPTV, the Bogotá-based telco is confident about the future.

“We launched FTTH eight months ago and the network already reaches 500,000 homes,” said Saúl Kattan, ETB's president, during an interview with the local newspaper El Tiempo. “Besides, we are getting ready to launch a mobile platform with focus on 4G services, which will be able to compete with the country's big telcos.”

According to Kattan, the company's new projects have recovered ETB's financial activity, which was showing very low figures two years ago. “Nowadays the company is worth double up, with shares over $0.3,” explained Kattan. “The market is looking at us as a different company, very active and able to compete.”

The company is especially confident about pay-TV services evolution, which is going to move forward concurrently with FTTH expansion. ETB launched the service last April, consisting of 150 channels, including 40 HD signals, which are offered in a triple-play service, although customers cannot subscribe for the pay-TV without also buying Internet and telephone packages