The Moscow-based cable operator Akado Telekom is unlikely to be hard hit by hikes in duct fees, according to Denis Rychka, a company representative.

Quoted by Vedomosti, he added it had built cable facilities at its own expense and was therefore not too dependent on infrastructure belonging to the Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS), which is controlled by MTS.

MGTS has just imposed another increase in the fees the fourth in three years it charges for the use of its ducts.

As a result, it is now around 7.8% higher than at the beginning of Q4 2013.

Significantly, MGTS can unilaterally change the terms of contracts with partners simply by notifying them 10 days in advance.

However, sources say that Akado Telekom charges higher fees than MGTS for the use of its infrastructure.

Historically, most of the Moscow infrastructure has been operated by MGTS and Mostelecom, now by part of Rostelecom, with MGTS the leading provider.