Following a pilot with 10,000 French-speaking customers, Belgacom TV is now launching its TV Replay service for all RTL and RTBF channels.

Viewers in both the Dutch and French-speaking part of the country can now use TV Replay for the channels French-language channels RTBF La Une, La Deux, La Trois, RTL-TVI, Club RTL and Plug RTL. Programmes can be re-started from the beginning up to 36 hours after the original broadcast,

Belgacom TV already offers the service for twelve Dutch langauge channels, VRT één, Canvas, Ketnet/OP 12, VIER, VIJF, vtm, 2BE, Vitaya, jim, anne, vtmKzoom, and Acht.

Programmes are available in HD. Belgacom offers two versions of the service, the basic version costs €3 a month, while the premium TV replay+ costs €7 offering the added functionality of fast forwarding any programme that is restarted,