The High Court has handed Virgin a new victory in its ongoing dispute with Rovi over the validity of the company’s patent pool.

The latest claim centres around the ability to pause-and-resume On Demand and live programming on different set-top boxes.

Rovi asserted that Virgin Media TiVo’s ability to pause a programme on one set-top box and resume it on another set-top box infringed some aspects of a Rovi patent. The assertion was rejected by the judge Mr John Baldwin QC, who found the entire patent to be invalid.

Virgin says that this is the eighth patent claim brought by Rovi, though the technology and patent holder disputes the number.

Will Cook partner at Marks & Clerk Solicitors, which represented Virgin Media and TiVo, commented: “This is another comprehensive victory for Virgin Media and TiVo, and is further justification of their position rejecting Rovi’s assertions over several years. In addition to the invalidation of eight patents in the High Court, Virgin Media has also opposed around 40 Rovi patents at the European Patent Office, resulting in a further six being found invalid so far.”

It is anticipated Rovi will be ordered to pay costs.