I have been using cardsharingser.com / cardsharing.cc for 2 years.

In the last periode the decoding has missed many times, and this sunday it totally stopped working.

It turns out that they have closed my account, even though I have paid for 1 year, and are still missing 6 month.

They informed me that I have used the access from two different IP-adresses, and my account are closed because of this.

I was told the two different IP-addresses, and the one was my own, and the other I did not know. I asked when the other IP-address has used the access, and if it was trying to use it Again. But this was no info they would give me. Meaning it was impossible to trust what they were saying.

Stay away from a supplier that simply are closing you down, without you have done anything wrong - and too has a very bad decoding.

You can simply not trust them.