Media Group Ukraine (MGU) has transformed its online movie offer OLL.TV into a full interactive digital TV service.

According to the company, OLL.TV, which was launched two years ago, is as of July 15 providing viewers with more than 130 Ukrainian and the world’s best TV channels, along with a rich video library of movies, TV series and shows.

It adds that OLL.TV originally offered viewers movies and series within a paid subscription and was accessible on PCs, smart TVs and media players.

However, the new version is accessible via TVs with set-top boxes, though will also become available on smart TVs and mobile devices later this year.

OLL.TV has from the onset partnered with the incumbent Ukrtelekom and more recently Vega.

Alexei Kurakin, MGU’s director of business development, said that it aims to work with the whole market and is currently negotiating to launch OLL.TV on other platforms.