Virgin Media has launched a new promotion that it says will save subscribers 40% on the cost of the Premier League season.

Positioning itself as the only way people can get the major sports channels, Sky Sports and BT Sport, from a single operator. This includes Sky Sports 5, the European football channel, launching on August 12.

Virgin is combining its sweetheart deal with BT that places the BT Sport channels in its big basic ‘Big Kahuna’ package, whereas Sky subscribers are required to pay £12 – £15 for the channels if they are not taking a broadband package from BT.

Added to this are recent price increases for Sky and Virgin as produced a one-off season ticket for the 10 months of the football season. The upfront cost is £150 in addition to the monthly TV fee.

Dana Strong, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media, said; “Virgin Media is now the home of all the major live sports in the UK in HD or on the go. This is the first time all the Sky and BT Sport channels will be available in one place, backed by superfast broadband, for a single great value price.”

Broadband TV News cautions that such offers can be sliced and diced a variety of different ways with the weighting placed on any one of a number of products.