Cendit, IUT to design DTT transmitters
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 15 July 2014
Venezuela's Fundación Centro Nacional para el Desarrollo e Investigación en Telecomunicaciones (Cendit) and Instituto Universitario de Tecnología (IUT) are teaming up to design low power transmitters for the country's DTT network.

The project, which was initially proposed a year ago, aims to meet the demand for transmission devices as there aren’t enough being imported, as is often the case with technological devices in Venezuela. This is why national production looks like a better alternative to complete the country's TV digitalisation.

Although the DTT deployment is advanced in some areas of the country, especially in the most populated regions, there are remote populations requiring specific transmitters in order to properly receive the signal. In addition, some areas where there is a high concentration of buildings are also having reception problems. According to Cendit and IUT, both issues will be solved with the new transmitters.

The transmitter design will be ready in November and the prototype will be built and tested during 2015, so the transmitter won't be ready to deploy throughout the country until at least 2016.