Dutch public broadcaster NPO has launched a new iOS version of its apps for iPhones and iPads.

The latest version of the NPO apps adds access to the broadcaster’s new premium on-demand service NPO Plus, which offers more content, higher picture quality streaming as well as the catch-up TV for the past 365 days.

The NPO App, which was developed by Hilversum-based Stoneroos, is already one of the most advanced apps available combining live streaming of all national NPO TV channels and radio stations, the catch-up TV service Uitzending Gemist as well as an extended EPG.

“The addition of NPO Plus is a logical extension to the current NPO iOS app. This update makes it possible is to access all swrvices within a single mobile application: free access to the Uitzendinggemist programmes, live streaming of all NPO radio and TV stations, a TV guide and a handy search function with the added option to see additional NPO content in higher quality at a monthly fee,” according to Annelies Kaptein, CEO at Stoneroos, in a statement.

For the near future, Stoneroos is working on extending the NPO App with even more features including adding Google Chromecast functionality, which will turn the App into a fully fledged OTT application for smart TVs.

Also in the works is audio synchronisation which will allow viewers to participate in real-time with live TV programmes on their TV set using the App as a second screen. The new additions are scheduled for release before the start of the 2014/15 season.