Arsat-1 launch delayed further

The launch of Argentina's Arsat-1 satellite has been delayed further, and will now probably be launched in October. The TV and Internet satellite is already at the space base in French Guiana, waiting for Arianespace's confirmation on a launch date.

Speaking to Argentina's public news agency Telam, Matías Bianchi, Arsat's president, said they are now waiting for the final details. “The satellite will improve DTT and pay-TV distribution inside Argentina and also from Argentina to other countries,” he added.

Although the national satellite agency Arsat is responsible for the project, it has been designed and built by Invap – also a public company.

While the details of the launch are being discussed, Arsat 2 is also almost finished. The second generation satellite will be entering the final test phase in a few weeks, with the launch date estimated at June 2015.

In addition to Arsat 1 and 2, one more satellite is included in the government's plans, although no date has yet been unveiled for its completion. The project also aims to defend the country's geostationary positions and develop its space industry.