Solbox launches HEVC, MPEG-DASH UltraHD streaming server

Editor | 22 July 2014

Aiming to build on the 4KTV momentum generated by the football World Cup, Solbox has unveiled a HEVC and MPEG-DASH Streaming Solution for UltraHD video services.
The content delivery network (CDN) and cloud software provider believes that with the proliferation of a variety of smart devices and the explosion of high definition video content, the emergent issue has been the seamless transfer of content to users in an increasingly complex service environment.
Despite the many new technologies developed to solve this problem, it recognises the HEVC standard and MPEG-DASH protocol as 'by far' the most highly regarded for processing large amounts of UltraHD video content data. The company noted Netflix introducing a UltraHD service that supports HEVC, and fellow over-the-top (OTT) firm Hulu utilisingMPEG-DASH for its similar service.

With its launch, Solbox says that it has become the first in its home of Korea to develop its own live-streaming server solution with support for both HEVC and MPEG-DASH. Outlining the company's intention, Solbox CEO Taeha Park said: "[Solbox aims to] identify market changes and take the initiative in streaming solutions optimised for UltraHD video services to keep the leadership in video streaming market ... With a well-timed release in the current global expansion of UltraHD broadcasting, I anticipate that content providers will be able to deploy and provide advanced UltraHD services through Solbox's solutions."