hi Looking forlocal cards!

-1x reshare
-good server
-C-Line VS. C-Line!!!

my local cards:

1x Redlight HDTV Elite Fusion Viaccess {0500 ; ecm ==>> 0.230 ms
1x HD+ { 1830; ecm ==>> 0.300 ms
1x ORF ice HD 0648 ecm ==>> 0.100ms
1x mtv unlimited 0B00 { 0B00; ecm ==>> 0.600ms

I looking for cards on 13e / 19e / 16e / 1w/ 39e

!!!Csat FR HD!!!!
Max TV full HD 16E
Polaris full HD (39E)

XXX 19.2

and more...

send your active cline with reshare, you will receive mine in next few minutes