World Cup logs 28 billion online viewing moments

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
| 24 July 2014

This year's World Cup set numerous records for audience scope and size for streaming across devices, according to video analysis firm Convivia. The company measured 28 billion viewing minutes, from more than 700 million unique viewers over the span of the event.

The data showed that stream quality (low buffering and high resolution) was the leading factor for viewer engagement, but larger screens also increased viewership.

For the World Cup, desktop viewing topped all screens. Mobile users accounted for more views and the same number of viewers, but far less of the total streaming time as viewers "snacked" on content. Interestingly, connected TV viewers are up to almost 8% of total viewers, likely made up of cable-cutters who still want the high quality, lean-back experience of a large-screen TV.

"Recent focus has been on improving streaming video quality across mobile devices, but content providers need to deliver the same level of quality across all screens if they want to succeed," said Keith Zubchevich, chief strategy officer for Conviva. "Our findings continually prove viewers are embracing the multiscreen lifestyle and the World Cup illustrated that on a large scale, while highlighting where content providers should be focusing their quality optimisation efforts as they look to maximise engagement for each device type."