Telesur airs English-language channel

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 24 July 2014

The English version of Venezuela's Telesur is available from today (24 July) as an online channel.

The new network is to be tested through the Internet and is due to air as a regular TV channel during 2015.

Through the online version, the worldwide English-speaking audience will be able to receive international news from a Latin American perspective.

According to Patricia Villegas, the channel's director, the production of Telesur's English channel will be carried out in Quito, Ecuador, while the regular Spanish network will be produced from Venezuela's capital, Caracas.

"This is the first step of the project," said Villegas. "Now it is presented as a digital multi-platform site and next year it will be airing as a TV signal." The channel's schedule includes Telesur's own content with apps to enable audience participation.

Shows such as Tariq Ali, analysing international politics, No te Detengas, directed by Rebel Díaz and focused on migration, culture and education, and the interview programme El Show de Laura Flandes, will be included in the English version.