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Thread: Trouble Amiko Mini HD, how to flash without remote?

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    Trouble Amiko Mini HD, how to flash without remote?

    after purchase works perfect, updated with official update then lost the EMU options like ccam/newcamd option.
    Did flashed with a EMU firmware and after the remote control not working, cant flash again without remote control.
    tried with many loaders with no succes bceause cant put the device to standby mod.
    when plug to electric turns to on straight, cant send to standby mod.
    any advice may help me. thanks

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    Re: Trouble Amiko Mini HD, how to flash without remote?

    May be too late for you, but it may help others.
    The annexed description is for Amiko micro hd se, but most probably works for others as well,1_ConnectionDetails.JPG2_Connection.jpg as I don't think that Amiko uses different cables for their STBs.
    Somewhere I read that the pins 2 and 3 at rs232 have to be exchanged for mini - or not: both are the data-pins.

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