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Thread: sportdigital on 19e

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    sportdigital on 19e

    hi everyone ,new to this site looks like it is a very informative place to be, I have a question if anyone can answer it would be grateful,
    I am using a spiderbox 9000hd, an 80cm dish ,titanium smart lnb, I am trying to lock onto frequency 12.722h ,on 19e which is sportdigital
    can anyone get this frequency?,is it open? I am using a softcam to open other various channels, thanks in advance.

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    Re: sportdigital on 19e

    cheers mate for reply, tried lyngsat its the right frequency 12.722h, I heard somewhere the channel can not be viewed anymore due to its encryption, unless you have a card of course, but not open with other means, ah well

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    Re: sportdigital on 19e 12721 H 23500 2/3 DVB-S2 no there are keys for this channel.

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    Re: sportdigital on 19e

    Quote Originally Posted by GUEDES-42 View Post 12721 H 23500 2/3 DVB-S2 no there are keys for this channel.

    thanks for reply guedes,do you mean there are keys for this channel? if so can you get this channel on that frequency,i am struggling to get it

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    Re: sportdigital on 19e

    sportdigital is transmitted via the following German, Autrian and Swiss Pay-TV packages: A1 TV ÖSTERREICH; AUSTRIASAT ÖSTERREICH; ENTERTAIN; EUTELSAT KABELKIOSK; KABEL BW; KABEL DEUTSCHLAND; SKY; UNITYMEDIA; UPC CABLECOM. The only possible way to see it is via AustriaSat Ident 0D0510 if you have a receiver with the correct emulator. For instance you can view it with the last ILT Software on the Edision or also with the last software on the Dragon or Diablo Card.

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