MaxLinear powers low-cost HD dongle for LATAM

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia
| 15 August 2014

MaxLinear has announced that its MxL683 ISDB-T tuner-demodulator is powering a low-cost USB dongle reference design that brings digital broadcast high-definition (HD) TV to consumers throughout Latin America.

The dongle can be used as an add-on for pay-TV satellite and IPTV operators or over-the-top (OTT) Internet video service providers, helping these companies deliver broadcast content while keeping set-top box (STB) costs low.

The dongle also enables free-to-air HD broadcast channels to be delivered to PCs, tablet computers or netbooks that have a USB port.

The MaxLinear turnkey reference design consists of an ultra-compact form-factor USB dongle integrating the MxL683 ISDB-T receiver with a USB2.0 interface. The design package includes schematics, PCB layout files, a complete bill of materials (BOM), software drivers and test reports.

"Free-to-air TV is incredibly popular in Latin America and that popularity has grown with this summer's FIFA World Cup," said Brian Sprague, vice president and general manager for broadband and consumer products at MaxLinear. "This dongle design offers an innovative form factor with the proven performance of the MxL683 that enables pay-TV operators to bring popular free-to-air channels to their subscribers throughout Latin America while keeping STB costs low."