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Thread: BISS keys and oscam

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    BISS keys and oscam


    How do I put BISS key into oscam.keys file? Let's say I found some BISS key on the Internet and I want to put it in, how do I do it?

    For example, if I have this: F 000145C01965 00 1XXXXXXXXXXXXXX1 ;Channel name, then what are these red numbers, how do I find them out?

    Also, sometimes key stands like that, and sometimes it goes something like:
    F 1A401FFF 00 1XXXXXXXXXXXXXX1 ;Channel name
    F 1A401FFF 01 1XXXXXXXXXXXXXX1 ;Channel name

    What's the difference between these two cases?

    I believe this is simple, but I don't know it, that's why I'm asking you. I'm looking forward to your replies

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    Re: BISS keys and oscam

    Interested on that as well. Waiting for exerts reply!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: BISS keys and oscam

    The first format is for Doscam (OnidSidVpid)
    The other format is for Oscam, CCCam, Vplug... (SidECM).

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