IBC 2014: ThinkAnalytics to debut MyThinkTV concept UI
Michelle Clancy
| 02 September 2014
At IBC 2014 ThinkAnalytics is planning to unveil MyThinkTV, a concept user interface (UI) aimed at creating recommendations-optimised UIs by implementing a comprehensive best-practice set of use cases using their own metadata.

These include similar/related content, moods and other psychographics, and can be used to browse linear and video-on-demand (VOD) content.

MyThinkTV can also implement ThinkAnalytics' navigation and recommendations options, including social integration (eg twitter trending and top lists), image, clip and trailer discovery; simulating learning based on consumption data; personalised browsing by genre; what's on now/next/tonight; personalised cast/crew filmography; series/episode navigation; and moods.

The concept UI works on Web/PC platforms and iPad and Android tablets, and supports relevance and search, multiple languages, multiple time zones and multiple types of user profiles (eg set-top box, logged-in users, anonymous sessions).

"Adding recommendations as an integral part of the standard UI is becoming the norm – and something that a number of our customers have already successfully implemented, allowing them to reap the benefits with reduced churn, increased on-demand sales, and improved consumer satisfaction," said Peter Docherty, founder and CTO at ThinkAnalytics.

He added: "MyThinkTV provides our customers with a great concept UI that they can use to simulate different use cases using their own metadata. They can then use the results to help them design their next-gen UI – one in which recommendations will take centre stage."