Paramount Channel profits from Spanish channel closures
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 02 September 2014
Viacom's Paramount Channel has, for the second time in three months, beaten its own audience record during August, confirming it's clearly on the up and benefiting from the massive DTT channel closure in Spain.

The free-to-air (FTA) film channel got an average 2.2% share and almost 132,000 viewers in August, surpassing its 2.1% share in June which had been the highest figure achieved since it went on-air.

The figures, which represent over 50% growth compared to last year, delivered a golden prime time on 21 August during the broadcast of the movie Black Snake Moan, achieving a 4-3% share and 574,806 viewers. The network's best day was 3 August, when it had an average share of 3.6%.

The channel, motivated by a successful June, programmed a summer schedule focused on blockbusters such as The Saint, The Hurricane, Showgirls and The Pianist.

According to the summer figures, especially those from June and August, the channel is profiting from Spain's DTT schedule reduction, becoming a leader among the secondary channels in the post-blackout phase of the country's FTA.

In May, Spain's DTT offer was reduced by 37.5%, as Atresmedia's Xplora, Nitro, laSexta 3, Mediaset's La Siete, Nueve, and two more channels from Net TV and Veo TV closed following a ruling by the Supreme Tribunal.