Technologies has been contracted by Watson Nordic, a Finnish OTT multiscreen video service provider, to provide its DTV Monitoring Solution.

The solution takes care of real-time monitoring, assurance and analytics of the service distribution from creation to consumption.

Watson Nordic, a joint venture between telecommunications company Anvia and video rental company Makuuni, produces and develops broadband delivered TV and entertainment services. Its multiscreen service, launched in 2013 and available for television sets, tablets, smart phones and computers, allows subscribers to watch TV, rent movies and subscribe to pay-TV channels.

Aiming to become one of the most popular TV services in Finland, Watson Nordic will now implement a full-coverage solution from Agama.

“We offer premium pay-TV content to a wide range of devices and quality plays a central role in all our products; we want to be in control of our service distribution end-to-end and we need to be able to react quickly when there is a problem in the service,” said Jari Laiho, CTO at Watson Nordic.

“Aside from the obvious service assurance aspects, we turned to Agama to get a scalable solution that could truly support our help desk in reducing the time needed for a customer call and to swiftly solve the customer’s problem. In addition, the Agama solution will help to support our sales and marketing teams in creating better product offerings and campaigns for our customers.”

The solution selected by Watson Nordic is composed of the Agama Analyzer H-E and the Agama Analyzer OTT Edge for in-depth monitoring in the head-end and streaming platform; and, the Agama Embedded Monitoring, integrated with the set-top boxes and mobile devices for Android and iOS players, for continuous and stateful monitoring in the consumer end.

“Watson Nordic is an up-and-coming service provider with a very clear view of what is important when managing video delivery. We’re proud to have been selected as its video service management partner,” commented Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies.

“Based on our long experience in this industry, we can support Watson Nordic in its strive to have a uniquely attractive TV service offering in the Finnish market by providing the actionable insights needed to capably manage service quality and customer satisfaction.”